Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why I use Infuse Learning

Today teachers are under more pressure to ensure they are reaching each individual learner in the classroom, despite classroom numbers growing and more and more content to be covered!  How do you figure out where each of your students are with concepts with so much to do in such a little amount of time?  How do you use data/formative assessments to drive your instruction?

I have recently (through twitter) found the site Infuse Learning (Infuse Learning Website)!  This site allows you to quickly and easily assess where your students are at with concepts, and it doesn't take much class time at all!  Below is a snap shot of how I have used the site, it has been a huge asset to my classroom!

The set up is easy, register for free and you are up and running...ready to assess student learning!  You are given a unique room ID which your students will use to log in to the site (the really nice part about this room ID, it stays the same!).  Teachers log in using a Teacher Login  and student log in using a Student Login. Once you have "started" a quiz, the students will see it pop up on their screens!

As you can see from the image below, there are many options for quiz types to give, really any kind of quiz for any kind of situation!  These quiz options are really what sets Infuse Learning apart from the other similar quiz sites.  The one I want to point out is the Draw Responses, this is the one both my students and I love!  Students are given a blank whiteboard on their screens and you verbally give the question, they draw the response!  Great for iPads, but I have used this with macbook airs as well!

Below is a look at a screen shot I took during a quiz I gave my math students, as you can see I am able to view all the screens at once when the student submit the quiz!  Allows me to quickly assess who has a concept and who needs a little extra guidance!  (You can also see students have the ability to express their artistic ability as well!)

Once you save quiz results you can view each screen independently (PDF files) as you can see below.  This feature allows you to bring students up to your desk and discuss results with them, correct mistakes and misconceptions!  Great tool!

Another great feature is the ability to create quizzes ahead of time and save them!  I have done this a few times and it works great!  Right below the "my quiz option is "quiz results" this allows you to save quiz results and use that data to help drive your instruction!  Great stuff!

Another cool quiz option that has been a great tool for me in my classroom is the "sort and order" option!  This allows you to give a question that requires students to order items correctly.  I used the draw feature to create a heart diagram that students needed to use to order correctly how blood moves through the heart!  I found out quickly who understood this concept and who did not....and it only took about 3 min. of class time!  Well worth it, it told me where I needed to go next in my teaching!  Here's a look at the quiz question below.

Infuse learning has made assessing my students easier and much less time consuming!  If you want a great tool to help you assess student learning in order to drive your instruction I encourage you to check out Infuse Learning!  

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